Area Medical Practices Combine Under One Brand to Deliver Immediate Care Services

Physician’s Treatment Center and CVFP Medical Group have created Walk-In Care, with five locations open seven days a week.

Combining the strengths of both PTC and CVFP Immediate Care Centers, Walk-In-Care locations will expand access to medical care for acute illnesses and injuries as well as routine healthcare services, with several locations open seven days a week.

“This is a great example of two strong, independent groups in the community coming together to increase access, focus on quality, and work toward lowering the cost of healthcare,” says PTC’s Dr. Matt Tatom, who serves as President of Walk-In-Care.

For example, this joint effort will give Walk-In-Care patients access to CVFP Medical Group’s Laboratory and its Diagnostic Center, both of which provide service at one-third the cost of most labs and regional imaging centers.” CVFP’s Shawn Crawford, CEO of Walk-In-Care, notes, “Many non-life threatening illnesses and injuries that might otherwise cause people to go to a hospital emergency department can actually be treated in an immediate care office. With Walk-In-Care, if you need a few stitches or come down with the flu on a Sunday afternoon, you don’t have to go to the ER. We can take care of that right here—at a lower cost and with a much shorter wait time.

Walk-In-Care services include medical care for acute illnesses and treatment for injuries that are not life or limb-threatening, work-related accidents, suturing (stitches), sports and camp physicals, and certified DOT physical exams. Each office has on-site x-ray and laboratory services.

Dr. Eppes, President of CVFP, adds, “This collaborative effort will also allow for better continuity of care across providers and care settings. Because Walk-In-Care shares the same electronic health record platform with many local, primary care locations (Access Healthcare, Medical Associates of Central VA, CVFP, and PTC), both primary care providers from these groups and Walk-In-Care providers will have immediate access to their patient records—an invaluable resource for making informed medical decisions.

Walk-In-Care locations will continue to be supported by existing team members and care providers from PTC and CVFP.

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