Immediate Cares...Immediate Savings for Employers and Employees

Immediate Cares...Immediate Savings for Employers and Employees

As a member of Collaborative Health Partners, we offer immediate care health services at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room, with much less patient wait time! The goal is to make healthcare affordable, so employers can focus their time and attention on building the business. This is why we feature programs for pre-employment screening, drug testing, occupational medicine, workers’ comp examinations and physicals, in addition to convenient care.

Our immediate care health services are designed to help employers keep their employees in optimal health and reduce employee absenteeism. Employees are able to visit one of our conveniently located centers, seven days a week. We’re the experts at keeping your team healthy and happy, which keeps your business healthy and happy!


Walk-In-Care is a proud member of Collaborative Health Partners!

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14001 Fake Street NW,
Washington, DC 20036
Hotline - (202) 555-5555

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Monday : 8am–6pm
Tuesday : 8am–6pm
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Friday : 10am–4pm

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